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Owner's Retreat

Ensconce yourself at the heart of the Treetops experience and let the warm rustic character of the lodge envelop you, as the echoes of activity eddy around you, gently inviting you to join the flow of the current. Soak it all in. Engage. Discover the ultimate group getaway, become an integral part of the lodge story, and contribute to the overarching whole.


Linger. Discover.

Take sanctuary within the very heart of the lodge.

Take over the entire lodge wing and discover a truly unique experience. The pinnacle of convenience, comfort, and rustic charm, the Owner’s Retreat is the perfect wilderness getaway for friends and family.

Privacy and Space

Enjoy exclusive use of the entire lodge wing and keep your finger on the pulse, ensuring that you don’t miss even the smallest detail. Relax in one of the four beautifully appointed Lodge Rooms, lounge and socialise by the fire in the rustic comfortable living area that opens out onto the verdant lawns of the lodge, or enjoy stimulating conversation as you converge around the central dining bar in the spacious kitchen.

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