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For every thing there is a season. Hunt when the mood takes you.

Enjoy world-class hunting all year round and discover why so many people come to New Zealand for the ultimate hunting experience. While most big game is not restricted by season, at Treetops we work hard to ensure that when you hunt with us you have the best chance of success, regardless of season.


September, October, November

Spring brings variable weather and warming temperatures where crisp sunny days can quickly yield to spring showers and cooler temperatures. The budding new shoots of vegetation tempt many creatures out into the open to feed on the tasty new growth.

Hunt: Rusa, samba, tahr, goats, rams, buffalo, wild boar, and turkey



December, January, February

As the days lengthen, summer brings balmy days and mild nights. Sunshine warms the land, providing ideal weather to hunt in the bush. By mid-season stags are into their hard antler and working into their prime condition heading into the rut.

Hunt: Summer's end brings the rut for red stags, fallow, elk, and sika; tahr, goats, and rams are in their prime summer coats; buffalo, wild boar, turkeys



March, April, May

At the onset of Autumn, excellent weather can persist while the slightly cooler temperatures begin to bring out a stunning riot of colours. This is the height of the roar for red stag and elk and as it tapers off mid-season, sika and fallow deer follow.

Hunt: Red stags, fallow, elk, sika, tahr, goats, rams, buffalo, wild boar, turkeys



June, July, August

Winter brings cooler weather and seasonal rain in the north. Rusa and Sambar are now in rut and quality specimens of red stag, fallow, elk, and sika abound. This is also the prime time for wing hunting and the season for waterfowl and pheasant is in full swing.

Hunt: Rusa, samba, red stags, fallow, elk, and sika, tahr, goats, rams, buffalo, wild boar, turkeys, waterfowl, pheasant


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